At Jet Express, we are experts in everything logistics – which includes a convenient and professional pick and pack solution in Wolverhampton and throughout the Midlands. Our pick and pack solution is a fulfilment process used in our Telford warehouses that efficiently handles and ships customer orders for you. The primary goal of this system is to streamline the process of picking individual items from their storage locations, packing them into appropriate containers, and preparing them for your shipment to customers so you don’t have to go through the trouble.

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Our Picking and Packing Capabilities at Jet Express

At our Wolverhampton Warehouses, our team of packers are quickly but carefully packaging items into boxes in preparation for shipping. We keep track of the stages of our pick and pack stages and can update you on the process as we go, ensuring that we remain in good communication with you on your deliveries. If you need pick and pack solutions in Wolverhampton for your business, then Jet Express will handle all your items with care and deliver your cargo safely and with care. Organisations that sell a variety of products online need a pick and pack solution in Wolverhampton, a company that accurately packages an order, correctly labels the item and sends it off for timely delivery.

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How Our Pick And Pack Solutions In Wolverhampton Works

Receiving and Storage: Incoming inventory is received, checked for accuracy, and stored in designated locations within the warehouse. These storage locations are often organised based on a system like “pick zones” to optimise efficiency.

Order Processing: When a customer places an order through an e-commerce platform or other sales channels, the order information is transmitted to the warehouse management system.

Picking: Our pick and pack solution in Wolverhampton involves selecting the individual items from their storage locations to fulfil the customer’s order. There are different picking methods, such as:

  • Single Order Picking: A picker selects items for one order at a time.
  • Batch Picking: Multiple orders with similar items are picked together to increase efficiency.
  • Wave Picking: Orders are divided into waves, and pickers handle one wave at a time.
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Packing: Once all the items for an order have been picked, they are taken to the packing station. At the packing station, the items are carefully placed in appropriate packaging, and any necessary packing materials like bubble wrap or void fillers are added.

Labelling and Shipping: The package is then labelled with the shipping address and relevant tracking information. The order is now ready for shipment.

Shipping: The packed and labelled packages are transferred to the shipping area, where they are loaded onto carriers for delivery to the customers.

The use of our pick and pack solution in Wolverhampton can significantly improve order accuracy, reduce processing time, and enhance overall warehouse efficiency. It is especially crucial for e-commerce businesses and companies dealing with a high volume of small, individual orders. We also use Automation, barcode scanning, and integration with warehouse management systems to optimise the pick and packing process for you.

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Business Growing? Let Jet Express Help

As your business grows and you are getting more orders, you’ll need to keep on top of picking and packing as well as delivery. Jet Express can take this load off your shoulders and ensure your business runs smoothly. With our pick and pack solutions in Wolverhampton, you can scale up your operations and we can work flexibly around you. You can rely on us to adhere to your business needs and support your ordering process. Our team are used to the fast-paced environment of packing up orders and organising stock, so our techniques minimise errors and we pay close attention to detail when packing up your orders, making sure they receive the proper protection for transit. 

Find out more about our Retail Transport solution in Dudley and benefit your business today!

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Our Organisation and Techniques Are Unrivalled

With a team of skilled workers, Jet Express provide efficient pick and pack solutions in Wolverhampton and remain on schedule with orders and packing. We work on a 24/7 Logistics schedule and use techniques that work for us, and in turn, work for you too. We work efficiently and protect our warehouses and their stock, so you can rest assured knowing your products are in safe hands. Our CCTV system is monitored, and our security team are always on watch. We can provide you with order and packaging fulfilment, as we go above and beyond to deliver your products on time and update you every step of the way.

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