For warehouse storage near you, choose Jet Express, the time-critical logistics company. Not only do we provide you with same and next day delivery and collection, but also warehouse storage near you to cater to all your storage needs. Regardless of the size of your goods or the quantity, our warehouses are 50,000 sq ft, and are readily available to be utilised by you!

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All Our Warehouses Are Safe And Secure

As a seasoned and committed logistics partner, we pledge to handle your products with the utmost care. This philosophy is mirrored in our safe warehouse storage near you which provides round-the-clock security and CCTV monitoring to ensure your peace of mind knowing your inventory is guarded.

To keep your goods protected is our main goal, and we, therefore, enforce that all our warehouses are manned by security that manages the entrances and exits to ensure only Jet Express employees are allowed in. We also use 24/7 CCTV surveillance to protect all areas of the storage units, inside and out, and all our warehouses are gated and enclosed to make unwarranted entrance impossible.

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We Take On Any Job, Regardless Of Size

We deliberately use large warehouse storage near you to ensure that we can cater to all our customers’ bespoke requirements. No job is too big or too small for us here at Jet Express, and we offer various storage solutions to ensure your stock is stored correctly and securely. All our warehouses have been constructed to contain differentiated pallets and racking to be able to manage mixed sizes and shapes of inventory.

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Want To Keep Track Of Your Goods? We’re On It

With years of experience as a logistics provider, we understand the importance of knowing where your goods are to ensure you have peace of mind. That is why we have developed our service to make sure you can personally keep track of your items, even on the go! This also applies to our warehouse storage near you, whereby we provide our clients access to a Customer Warehouse Portal, enabling you to track your stock’s location through our user-friendly web platform.

You not only get complete transparency when choosing to store your inventory in one of our warehouses, but it allows you to manage your stock from anywhere, regardless of location. This is important because it means you don’t have to continuously travel to our warehouses to ensure your stock is secure, saving you time and money in travelling costs.

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Our Collection Service Is Swift And Efficient

Along with certified warehouse storage near you, we also offer a collection service that can promptly pick up or arrange for the pickup of your items from any location in the UK. Our company has been based on offering organised, quick service to our customers as time-critical logistics professionals. Given that we are aware of how hectic our clients’ schedules are, we want to offer a collection service that accommodates you.

We can also arrange for the delivery and return of your goods from our warehouse storage near you so when the time comes, our logistic specialists will be ready to distribute your items.

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Why Use Warehouse Storage Near You

Using warehouse storage facilities near you to keep your items has a lot of advantages, with a few including distribution and inventory tracking.

When you use warehouse storage, distribution is simple, because it helps shorten delivery times and prices, and you can save money when exporting goods domestically or internationally. You would need to utilise various carriers for every region if you weren’t shipping from a warehouse.

Another advantage is inventory tracking. Businesses can improve control over their stockpiles and increase inventory turnover by utilising storage. Because you can be confident the goods aren’t taking up more space than necessary, it expedites and lowers the cost of shipping.

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Contact Us Today For Warehouse Storage

Choose Jet Express for warehouse storage near you, as we take great pride in the services we provide and will collaborate with you closely to ensure your comfort throughout the entire process.

Contact us today for more information either through our website or call us on 01384 375 388. Alternatively, submit a storage enquiry and one of the team will get back to you in under 2 minutes.

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