Here at Jet Express, we don’t just specialise in time-critical deliveries as a 24 hour courier. We also offer a range of other logistical services including a pick and pack service where we take care of the hard work for you! Whether they are large consignments with several pallets or smaller, more frequent recurring shipments, our specialised warehousing staff will efficiently and precisely meet your needs with our high quality pick and pack service.


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What Is A Pick And Pack Service?

At our warehouse in Wolverhampton, the pick and pack service entails choosing items from a warehouse inventory and packaging them into boxes in preparation for shipping. Picking and packing is a physically demanding work that calls for precision, quickness, and physical stamina.

An effective fulfilment centre must have picking and packing capabilities. Our employees in our warehouse are in charge of picking and packaging service, and we’ll keep you updated throughout the whole process that informs you of the progress of your goods.


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Benefits Of A Pick And Pack Service

Organisations may easily sell a variety of products from online stores to customers thanks to logistic companies like Jet Express that provide pick and pack services. Customers value having a wide selection of products to choose from, and businesses frequently sell more when they provide more options. Pick and pack personnel select required components from the master cartons as orders arrive at the fulfilment centre, package them, and label them for shipping.

A Pick and Pack service is a fulfilment technique that, when used properly, can raise customer satisfaction. Orders are accurately filled with items in good condition by skilled pickers and packers, who also ensure that orders are sent on schedule. Employing skilled pick-and-pack workers helps businesses increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that goods are handled with care, are wrapped well, and are delivered on time.

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Challenges Of A Pick And Pack Service

Only when there is a high degree of collaboration, organisation, and attention to detail can a pick and pack service run successfully. One of the biggest issues pick and pack fulfilment centres have is streamlining order picker movement across warehouses to fill the most orders in the quickest amount of time.

However, using the optimum pick and pack service technique for your order volume and warehouse size is one approach we take here at Jet Express to ensure that worker movement is as efficient as possible.

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How Jet Express Can Help!

If you choose a pick and pack service with Jet Express, you will benefit from warehouse storage that will keep your goods safe and protected throughout the whole process. Our contemporary CCTV system monitors our 50,000 square foot warehouse area in the West Midlands around the clock, and our security team is always on the lookout for threats. Your products will be kept safe by our warehouse crew, who regularly conduct inventory checks to ensure maximum security.

As an express courier, our logistics and delivery teams’ top aim is to carry your items promptly but most importantly safely, so from the time we collect them until you receive your delivery, they will be completely insured. Once the pick and pack service is finished, the Jet Express logistics staff will make sure the cargo gets there quickly and safely.




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Book A Pick And Pack Service Today

If you’re interested in a pick and pack service with Jet Express, get in touch with us to get a quote in under 2 minutes. Contact our facility on 01384 375388 or head to our website today.

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