Showcasing our Lewis Hamilton Vehicle with Motus

Working in the fast-paced logistics industry provides excellent opportunities for fostering and evolving relationships with other link-minded people in our industry.

Recently, we utilised one of these relationships to promote our fantastic Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 vehicle and to shout about the brilliant service Motus Truck and Van provides for Jet Express.

If you’ve been following along with our social media, you’ll know that we finally unveiled our Lewis Hamilton vehicle, expertly designed by the talented team at Mack Graphics. It took 12 months overall to collaborate on this project, with close attention paid to the small details. We ended up with a fantastic wrap on one of our Mercedes trucks that represented the passion, determination and drive of Lewis Hamilton – all things we try to encompass here at Jet Express.

We promoted the stunning finished product across our social media channels, and, as you may imagine, with a design as intricate and as stand-out as this one, it created quite a bit of buzz!

It was within this buzz that Jet Express and Motus Truck and Van reconnected. We had purchased the truck from Motus Truck and Van along with another vehicle a while ago and, because we love the design, wanted to share it with them.

It was at this point that Motus and their marketing team suggested a collaboration – and, of course, we jumped at the chance!

We arranged a date to film a testimonial style video, showcasing our Lewis Hamilton truck and chatting about our relationship with Motus. To give you an idea of the work and effort that goes into these campaigns, we thought we’d take you on a little behind the scenes tour!

An Early Start

A few members of our Jet Express team were up bright and early to make their way down to Motus HQ, situated in Witham – a good three hours away from our West Midlands base. We enlisted our General Manager, Peter along with Ryan, our Senior Maintenance Technician, and Louisa and Ben, two members of our Marketing Team, to make the journey.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Steve, our Lewis Hamilton vehicle driver and the marketing team at Motus. We discussed the agenda for the day and the type of shots we’d like to get before getting started.


The Main Event

With our vehicle expertly positioned against a blue-skied backdrop (if only for a few minutes before the clouds rolled in!), the team got to work. Peter’s testimonial was filmed in front of the vehicle, in which he chatted about the vehicle itself and our relationship with Motus, and this was followed by a series of photographs being taken of the intricate details within the design.

While the Motus Marketing team were on filming duty, our resident photographer, Ben, took some behind the scenes snaps to be used across our social media.

Because we were so lucky with the weather, the Motus team were also able to use a drone to get some aerial shots – it was fantastic to see the skill that went into this, and we can’t wait to see the final result!

A few backdrop changes and a couple of hundred photographs later, the job was done!


It’s a Wrap

As you can see from the images and videos from the day, it was a roaring success. We were able to showcase a vehicle that we’re incredibly proud of while also shining a light on the brilliant service provided to us by Motus and the talented team at Mack Graphics.
It really was a day to remember!

A huge thank you to the team at Motus for organising a fantastic day and also to our Jet Express team for always being enthusiastic and ready to get stuck in. Check out the full testimonial video below!

Make sure you’re following our social media to see where our Lewis Hamilton vehicle goes next!


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If you’re lucky, we may even turn up in our Lewis Hamilton F1 Mercedes vehicle!

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