An Interview with Mack Graphics

Our Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Formula 1 vehicle is something we’re incredibly proud of here at Jet Express, and not just because of the fantastic final result.

A team of superbly talented people were involved in the planning, designing and installation process and we wanted to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on them and the fantastic work that they do.

With this in mind, we sat down with the team at Mack Graphics to chat to them about how they went about making this vehicle look as spectacular as it does:


Gio – Designer

Jason (Jase) – Project Manager/Installation

Scott- Installation


  1. What were your initial design ideas when you were tasked with creating something Lewis Hamilton themed?

Gio – As soon as I was asked about this project, I knew that this project would be heavily inspired by the F1 branding. I got really excited as I have F1 designs and digital posters. I started with a sketch of Sir Lewis and his F1 car. But as I came up with ideas, I realised that this design has to tell a story.


  1. Can you talk us through the process of getting to a final design? Ideas, client brief, refining, finalising etc.

Gio – The overall journey was very challenging as we wanted to create something special and meaningful. Initially, I was given a very open brief, I pitched some ideas and sketches to Jason, which he passed on to Justin. He loved the concepts and liked that I had included important moments of Sir Lewis’s career. One of the problems I had was to create a design that would look great in both the grey and black truck. It was difficult as the overall look of the design is heavily affected by the background.


  1. What did you want the design to represent overall?

Gio – From the very beginning, I knew that this project had to represent the important things to Sir Lewis. Initially, I only included important moments and his cars. But as a team, we agreed that we should also include the important people that helped Sir Lewis achieve his goals.


  1. There’s a clear family focus in the final design – why was it important to encompass this element?

Gio – The family theme is extremely important because we agreed that we wanted to show the important figures who contributed to his journey from being a child to a champion.


  1. Can you talk us through some of the smaller details in the final design?

Gio – The whole design is packed with a lot of small but very important details. From the small single red star to the specific car we featured in the design. All of these details were special requirements from Justin, who understands the symbolism and story behind these details. One of the favourite detail that I contributed was Sir Lewis’ signature. I made sure that it is in a place where everyone can

see it.


  1. Which part of the process do you find most rewarding?

Jase – It was amazing going from discussing ideas, to seeing the finished design and then seeing the completed truck. Basically watching Justin’s ideas coming to life.

Scott – For me, it was seeing it all come together piece by piece.

Gio During the meeting with Jason and Justin, I really appreciated it when Justin notices the small but special details in my design. It is good to see how passionate he is with Sir Lewis and the F1.


  1. Which part of the process has been most challenging?

Jase – for me, the design and production would probably be the most challenging but, that being said, it was still quite an easy process. We worked well together and it all seemed to flow seamlessly.

Scott – The curvature of the vehicle around the headlights especially were the most challenging for installation

Gio – Making the design work for black and grey truck


  1. What is your favourite part of the final design?

Jase – My favourite part of the design is definitely the choice to print the design directly onto the metallic vinyl with high gloss laminate to protect the vinyl. I think it just made the artwork ‘pop’ and the overall look is stunning. I am so glad we went with this idea.

Gio – I love that the design looks great from a distance but also, looking up close, you see interesting intentional details.


  1. Can you talk us through the wrapping process?

Jase – It took 2 days to prep and install, and a third day to allow to cure and for a final inspection.

Scott – The design was tiled into 5 sections on each side, and we carefully matched each edge seamlessly so the joins were invisible.

Jase – The vinyl was laid and carefully heated into each curve and recess and post heated to ensure full adhesion to the truck.


  1. How has working with Jet Express been?

Jase – Working with Justin and Ryan definitely helped the whole process run smoother. They knew what they wanted, had some great ideas and were really supportive throughout the process

Gio – Working with Justin is incredibly rewarding as he is truly passionate with the subject, and this is reflected in his knowledge and appreciation in the small details.


  1. How does it feel knowing your design will be travelling the length and breadth of the country (and beyond!)?

Gio – It is very familiar as I have designed ambulance graphics and company cars. But this project is very special to me as it was designed by a passionate team.

Jason – I know I speak for us all when I say how very proud we are of this project. It feels amazing and quite surreal. We have already noticed members of the public stopping to admire the truck when we first pulled it out for photographs, and the attention it is getting on social media is amazing too.


A huge thanks to the Mack Graphics team for getting involved – it was great to hear about the making of this vehicle from those who put so much hard work into it.

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