Promoting suicide awareness in Dudley

Promoting Suicide Awareness in Dudley

Approximately one person dies by suicide every fortnight in Dudley, with 75% of those being unknown to specialist services.

These are alarming figures, but it’s important to remember that this isn’t just a local issue. Whilst we’re incredibly passionate about the wellbeing of our local community, we feel it’s important to spread the message throughout the UK. One suicide is one too many.

To achieve this, we’ll be promoting the Reach Out brand on the side of our new vans.

Our delivery routes span the breadth and depth of the UK. While we’re completing our deliveries, we’ll be promoting more positive conversations about suicide and encouraging the nation to reach out and speak up.

If you’d like to support Reach Out in their campaign for more positive attitudes around suicide, snap a picture of our vans out on the road and post them to social media with the hashtag #ReachOut.

It’s ok to talk about suicide. The following organisations provide positive support, information and education on suicide and issues of mental health: