Outdoor Storage Solutions | Telford

Outdoor Storage Solutions Telford

Jet Express is incredibly proud to offer our Outdoor Storage Solution over at our Telford Warehouse site!

Our site is completely secure, manned by our 24-hour Security Team with 24/7 CCTV in operation, giving local businesses peace of mind that their goods are in safe hands. Your goods will be stored in your designated location on our Warehouse grounds. Plot size can be altered to suit your needs, and our Storage team will be on hand to monitor your inventory.

So, whether you’re looking for secure storage for your construction equipment or machinery, need extra space to store your raw materials or are looking for a solution to house your surplus trailers or shipping containers (or anything in between!), Jet Express can help.

Please get in touch with our fab team who will discuss your requirements with you and provide you with an accurate quote to get the ball rolling.

Jet Express – your go-to for Secure Outdoor Storage Solutions in Telford.


outdoor storage solutions telford