If you’re looking for a logistics company near me, choose Jet Express for time-critical and reliable deliveries. Getting your goods from one location to another as quickly and safely as possible is our forte, and we understand the importance of keeping your goods monitored throughout the whole delivery process.

For a reliable, experienced and fast logistic company near you, get in touch with us for a quick and affordable quote!

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Why Choose Jet Express To Be The Logistic Company Near You

As a logistics company near you with over 40 years of expertise, we can ensure a dependable and trustworthy service that transports your belongings quickly and safely. Our team of experts works directly with you to make sure they have all the information needed to collect and move your products within the UK and Europe smoothly. Additionally, we provide customer care around-the-clock, every day of the week, so you may get in touch with us whenever you need help, day or night.


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Same Day and Next Day Delivery

Alongside our reliable and dedicated service, we specialise in same and next day delivery, and getting your parcels from A to B quickly and safely. Your items will not only arrive at the drop-off location the same day as collection, but we also make sure they are completely insured from the time we pick them up, allowing you to relax knowing they will be safe should anything go wrong during transport.

With our next day delivery service, as a recognised logistics company near you, we offer late and overnight deliveries, and team work around the clock to bring your delivery as soon as is practical. You can be sure that your goods will arrive as quickly as possible if you choose Jet Express.



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What We Deliver

We specialise in providing delivery services for a range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, aerospace, events, and expos, and we have the facilities and transportation in order to cater to larger requirements.

Additionally, we can pick up from anywhere in the UK within an hour, and since our base is in the Midlands, we can reach you promptly no matter where you are! As a logistics company near you, our team of professionals will schedule the pick-up and drop-off of your delivery, ensuring you never miss a deadline. We deliver your items in record time to anywhere in the UK and Europe thanks to our extensive network structure.


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We Also Provide Storage Solutions In Telford

Alongside our delivery service throughout the UK, Europe, and more, we also offer affordable storage solutions in Telford. If it’s long-term storage you need alongside a logistics company near you or just need a quick, safe space to store your goods while in-house space is lacking, we can provide units to fulfill your needs.

Therefore, regardless of the volume of your storage needs, we can provide a secure storage solutions. We provide various pallet and racking options at each of our warehouses to accommodate a variety of inventory sizes and shapes.


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Get In Touch

For a logistic company near you, we can provide a 5* service and ensure your goods are delivered safely and monitored the whole time they are in our care. For more information or to get a quote, call us today on 01384 375 388 or head to our website to speak to a friendly member of our team.


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